Candles - How to take care in general


Burn-in period:
In the beginning, you should light the candle two times, each time allowing it to burn for at least 4 hours at a stretch, until the area of molten wax is liquid to the rim. Short of this time, it will burn to far into the center as you see here on the right.

This applies to all voluminous candles: The longer you allow them to burn at a stretch, the more beautiful they develop.

Knots on the wick:

The wick may develop sooty knots which must be removed, using scissors.

Acceptable wick
Acceptable wick:
about 1.5 cm long
and lightly curving
Wick needs shortening: end of the wick is too thick 	Wick needs shortening
Wick needs
end of the
wick is too thick

Foreign bodies in the area of molten wax:
Wick residue, insects and whatever may fall into the molten wax might turn into a "second wick" and start another dangerously strong flame. Therefore remove any foreign body from the molten wax area.

Avoid any draught - it would cause the candle to flicker and to give off sooty smoke.

Candle plate:
Attentive care will prevent wax dripping or overflow. Nevertheless, the Lotuscandle®, as any ohter candle, should be placed on a saucer or plate.

Observe the following safety rules:
Never leave candles unattended. Never allow children to handle candles.
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