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Lotuskerze - eine lebende Skulptur
The Lotuscandle, the living sculpture

At first the Lotuscandle® appears as a simple, large candle stump. At the beginning one could hardly guess what might become of it.
In the first evening a liquid area arises around the wick when burning. This is called molten wax area by experts. Candle experts can then already see a difference from normal candles in the liquid wax not quite reaching the candle rim.
In the following evenings this molten wax area further deepens. The candle rim remains in place. After approx. 20 hours the Lotuscandle® comes to life. The candle rims slowly incline to the outside. If the candle has burned for approx. 30 hours, the Lotuscandle® blossom starts unfolding.
From then on, the blossom keeps opening further until it reaches the ground with the outer rims. Some Lotuscandle® friends stop the process here and put a tea-kettle lamp into the calyx. They keep their Lotuscandle® from burning all the way down but rather prefer long enjoyment from looking at the blossom. Most people allow their candle to blossom out completely and receive a sculpture which turns out different with every Lotuscandle®. This can last up to 200 hours depending on candle size.
Our picture shows the Lotuscandle® after approx. 70 hours burning time.
Lots of further examples are to be seen in the internet at  where you find numerous further examples, decoration ideas and interesting Lotuscandle® shapes. There one also can learn where the Lotuscandle® is available. A visit to this home page is recommended.
The Lotuscandle® is a pure handicraft product made of best German raw materials. It is by coloured completely through while the manufacturer pays careful attention to pigments dosage to ensure that the enchanting brightness of the Lotuscandle® remains unchanged.
The Lotuscandle® is an exceptional idea for a gift costing between 10 and 20 Euros.

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