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Lotuskerze - Weihnachtszeit ist  Kerzenzeit
Lotuscandle® – Christmas time candle time

The smell of fried almonds, pine needles and cinnamon is in the air. Candles illuminate the rooms, harbingers of Christmas coming up.
Christmas time is candle time. What seems more suitable than giving a candle away? No normal candle of course, because a gifts needs to be special.
The Lotuscandle® comes in lovely here. The Lotuscandle® has been holding an appreciated place on the gift tables in lots of families for many years now.
Known to be the candle with the blossom effect, it unfolds an enchanting blossom as it burns down its wax. This blossom keeps developing until it has finally become a sculpture.
The Lotuscandle® burns up to 200 hours depending on its initial size. All the way it shines from inside out -- not only in the area of the flame but also in the petals and in the candle body. A magical play of light which ravishes lots of candle enthusiasts.
The high radiance of the Lotuscandle® results from its special wax mixture and carefully controlled colour additives. Quality ranks first with this prime trademark product. Only best German raw materials are used. Each production step is subject to permanent quality control.
Those who like to learn more about the Lotuscandle® are recommended to take a look at the home page On more than 50 screen pages you find not only comprehensive information but also suggestions for the decoration of the Lotuscandle. Besides, one learns where the Lotuscandle® is available.
The picture shows the Lotuscandle® after approx. 70 hours burning time.
A unique gift in the 10 to 20 Euro price range.
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