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Lotuskerze - Besinnung und Beschaulichkeit
Lotuscandle® – contemplation in tranquillity

Contemplation and tranquillity is for many connected with the silent flickering of candlelight. Inner quietness, moments of thought and meditation. A little candlelight and one already takes a holiday from the weekday of the hectic rush and the many requirements which one must stand up to every day. Candlelight can have a healing effect.
A special inspiration radiates from the Lotuscandle®: Whereas normal candles only burn down, one may experience the Lotuscandle® to be a symbol of change. During burning down it unfolds an enchanting blossom changing into a sculpture gradually and all by itself. It is the only candle which becomes more beautiful from burning down.
This process of becoming new is an invitation to musing and meditation. Symbolizing “die and become", it unites transitoriness with renewal. A likeness for the process of life as such. “Lotuscandle® – the queen of the candles ". This is what a candle enthusiast called it.
The Lotuscandle® is produced exclusively by hand. Only the best raw materials from German manufacturers are used. It burns up to 200 hours depending on size.
The picture shows the Lotuscandle® after approx. 70 hours burning time.
One can find detailed information about the Lotuscandle® on its home page with quiet, contemplative and decoration ideas and lots of useful information there on over 50 screen pages. In addition, one can learn there where the Lotuscandle® is available.
A gift which is suitable for almost everyone. Depending on the size and type of the Lotuscandle® it costs between 10 and 20 Euros.
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