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Lotuscandel springteim
Lotuscandle® – spring blossoms made of wax

When the first blossoms are sprouting in the open air you can care for your own blossom of wax in your spring-like lounge decoration. The Lotuscandle® makes this possible. Known to be "the candle with the blossom effect", it will become the highlight of every spring decoration. Delicate spring colours, orange, lime green or yellow combine perfectly with Easter grass, eggs or the Easter bunny.
The Lotuscandle® unfolds its delicate blossom as if shaped by a magic hand. A genuine experience and a fascinating symbol of growth and becoming new -- a downright symbol of spring.
The Lotuscandle® is produced exclusively by hand. Only the best raw materials from German manufacturers are used. It burns up to 200 hours depending on size.
One can find detailed information about the Lotuscandle® on its home page. One finds quiet, contemplative, and Deko ideas and lots of useful information there on over 50 screen pages. In addition, one can learn there where the Lotuscandle® is available.
A present which is almost suitable for everyone. Depending on the size and type of the Lotuscandle® it costs between 10 and 20 Euros.

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