The candle blossom - Hints for perfect growth

Burn-in procedure:

Burn-in procedure:

The candle will not develop a blossom without sufficient burn-in periods (twice 4 hours)! The heat of the flame is not sufficient to warm up thick wax rims that have gone cold to such a degree that theses start exfoliating.
kraftvoll und schlaffe Blüte

The temperature:

  • A perfect blossom is achieved at room temperature (18-22 degrees)
  • If a room is below 15 degrees Celsius or if the candle itself is very cold, it will not exfoliate.
  • If the room is very warm (above 25 degrees Celsius) the blossom looks limp due to reduced tension (see right image - orange candle)

How to change the position of the burning center:

Lotuskerze unsymmetrisch - Lotuskerze Brennteller Korrektur - Lotuskerze mit gutem Brennteller
After a few minutes, the flame of the candle melts the wax forming a liquid circle which is round but may be out of center. This would result in one side of the candle remaining thicker than the other, and the candle being unable to exfoliate symmetrically.   This is how you can prevent this: After very short time (30 to 60 minutes) the direction becomes visible where the molten wax is going out of center. Use a stick to gently push the wick into the opposite direction.   The earlier you do this, the easier it will be for the flame to correct the molten wax going out of center.

And this ensures exfoliation on two sides:

Lotuskerze nach 20 Stunden   Verformen zum Oval   Ziehen nach aussen
After about 20 hours the candle will have grown a circular bulging rim. This is when exfoliation starts..   This is what ensures two-sided exfoliation: Shape the circular rim carefully into an oval.   and pull this oval gently outward. The candle will exfoliate in the dirtections you give it.

Shape the candle as you like:

Blüte - in einem Bogen   As long as the candle is warm, you can correct the position of the blossom at will. The more carefully you do this, the better the result will be.   Korrektuer der Blüte
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