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Dear editors,

The Lotuscandle® is an excellent and original gift article that was often noted in the press read by general audiences.

Unfortunately we are in no position as a small company to afford high expenses for press releases addressing general audiences. We are very grateful, however, for every press release mentioning original Lotuscandles®.
Shortly before Christmas time, the Lotuscandles® should be a topic of particular interest. - e.g. under your gift advice column.Lieber Redakteur, liebe Redakteurin,

You will find 5 press releases which you may downlaod as zip-file. For additional images in high resolution please contact us.

Press Releases

PR 1: Lotuscandle, the candle with the blossom effect, an enchanting experience
IAt first the Lotuscandle® does not show its wondrous qualities: In shops, it appears no more than a simple smooth and large pillar which at first glance appears to be cast by hand but otherwise looks rather inconspicuous. [more...]

PR 2: The Lotuscandle, the living sculpture
At first the Lotuscandle® appears as a simple, large candle stump. At the beginning one could hardly guess what might become of it.
In the first evening a liquid area arises around the wick when burning. This is called molten wax area by experts. Candle experts can then already see a difference from normal candles in the liquid wax not quite reaching the candle rim. [more...]

PR 3: Lotuscandle® – Christmas time candle time
The smell of fried almonds, pine needles and cinnamon is in the air. Candles illuminate the rooms, harbingers of Christmas coming up.
Christmas time is candle time. What seems more suitable than giving a candle away? No normal candle of course, because a gifts needs to be special. [more...]

PR 4: Lotuscandle® – contemplation in tranquillity
Contemplation and tranquillity is for many connected with the silent flickering of candlelight. Inner quietness, moments of thought and meditation. A little candlelight and one already takes a holiday from the weekday of the hectic rush and the many requirements which one must stand up to every day. Candlelight can have a healing effect. [more...]

PR 5: Lotuscandle® – spring blossoms made of wax
When the first blossoms are sprouting in the open air you can care for your own blossom of wax in your spring-like lounge decoration. The Lotuscandle® makes this possible. Known to be "the candle with the blossom effect", it will become the highlight of every spring decoration. Delicate spring colours, orange, lime green or yellow combine perfectly with Easter grass, eggs or the Easter bunny. [more...]

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