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Lotuskerze - ein zauberhaftes Erlebnis


Lotuscandle, the candle with the blossom effect, an enchanting experience


At first the Lotuscandle® does not show its wondrous qualities: In shops, it appears no more than a simple smooth and large pillar which at first glance appears to be cast by hand but otherwise looks rather inconspicuous.

It is only after being lit that it reveals its secret. To the astonishment of its owner it starts all by itself, slowly almost imperceptibly, to unfold a blossom by curving the candle rim to the outside. The petals grow a little bit further evening by evening. Depending on candle size, this process can last up to 200 hours. It finally changes into a sculpture of wax and light whose definite form turns out different with every Lotuscandle®.

The Lotuscandle® is coloured solid through and doesn't have any wax coating therefore. Consequently, the full transparency of the wax remains unchanged. When lit, not only the candle flame shines but also the entire top of the wax body, the wax blossom and finally the complete sculpture -- an enchanting experience.
More detailed information is availably in the internet at On more than 50 screen pages you will not only find comprehensive information but also suggestions for the decoration of the Lotuscandle®. Besides this one learns where the Lotuscandle® is available.
The Lotuscandle® is an interesting idea for a gift not only at Christmas time, and it costs between 10 and 20 Euros.

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